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Welcome To The Hotel

Please Enjoy Your Stay

Dead Halt is a Roleplaying Game set in 1996, in which a Maintenance Crew will attempt to refrain from an identity crisis amongst the absurd technology of the megalithic Hotel around them.

In Dead Halt you may expect to be placed in the following highly specific scenarios:

    Bullet Taking up a job as Hotel Maintenance Crew

    Bullet Receiving Quests and obtaining Rewards from the Bartender at the Hotel's Fall Bar

    Bullet Gambling for absurd equipment at the massive Gashapon machine in the basement

    Bullet Assisting quirk ridden computer Consoles that hang from the ceiling with menial tasks

    Bullet Meeting curious potential allies, odd monsters, and Halted Clunkhead Maintenance crew

    Bullet Losing limbs and having them replaced by state of the art 1990's Cybernetics

    Bullet Attempting to resist the whispers of the Hotel's supercomputer; Fortra

We are certain that you will thrive here.


Y2K Computer Bug

San Francisco Fog Cam